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Recording Studios
DYP Studios and Rentals has 3 fully equipped studios that are available to you at rates you can afford. Whether you need to record an entire CD or if you just need a place to mix and master your latest project, DYP Studios will meet your needs.

Do have everything you need to record your demo but can't find the right musicians? We currently offer a wide range instrumentals and beats from many different genres of music recorded by some of the very best musicians in the area. Our beats and instruments very in length, however, you may edit or mix each track to suit your needs, for an additional cost. To listen to some samples, visit our samples page.

Rehearsal Studios
If you are having trouble finding a space to rehearse, DYP Studio and Rentals offers you a place for your rehearsal. Rates are $20 per hour for the room. PA systems, drum kits, bass amps, guitar amps, keyboards and more are all available at low, in house rates.

Instructional Studios
DYP Studios and Rentals offers instructional studios for one-on-one or group lessons. Studios are accessible only during business hours and are leased exclusively or on a monthly time share scheduled on a first come, first served basis. Some studios may require a damage deposit. Please contact us for more information on Instructional Studios.